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Checklist Items


List of all *Debts:

Must include: Name, Address, Account Number and Balance.

(Or a copy of last bill received)

Pay Stubs:

Last SIX Months pay stubs; from __________ to __________

Pay Stubs from all sources: _____________________________

Tax Returns:

Last 2 years filed; tax year ____________ and ____________

List of Monthly Expenses:

Utilities, groceries, prescription/medical, child support/alimony, rent, gas, insurance (life / car / burial / health / house), day care, tobacco, charity, cell phone, cable, school lunches, gym, membership, extracurricular activities.

Real Properly:

*List all real estate owned

*Tax appraisal showing value of property

Personal Property (AR only):

Registration/Title for all applicable: Mobile Home / Vehicle / 4-Wheeler / Boat / Camper / Trailer / Tractor showing lien holder

Drivers License and Social Security Card:

Chapter 13:

Declarations Page Insurance - House and Car

(Vehicle insurance must show full coverage)


(This list is not intended to be a complete list of required documents; additional documents may be requested.)



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